Nearly fifteen years ago, Jim and Mary Jo Turnley purchased their first lighted Christmas display. Since then, the North Fairfield couple has invested approximately  $30,000 converting their Hanville-Corners Road property into a true Winter Wonderland.

We caught up with the Turnleys earlier this week, to find out how they first came up with the idea to illuminate a stretch of country road between New State and Old State roads, and to ask just what it takes to transform a residential property into one of Huron County’s most magical Christmas destinations.

“MJ and I both agreed that some of our favorite childhood memories were spent viewing Christmas lights” said Jim. “It’s our hope that the next generation can find the same magic through our little contribution”.

To call the Turnley Christmas Display a little contribution is a huge understatement. In addition to dozens of animated displays and tens of thousands of lights, the couple has invested in an impressive underground electrical system. “That project was the brainchild of my father” explained Mary Jo.

In 2016, the Turnleys decided to add yet another component to the family-friendly experience; a custom radio station, where travelers can tune in and hear a pre-recorded message from Jim and Mary Jo directly. It’s personal touches like these that make the Annual Turnley Christmas Display such a heart warming experience. The couple has a way of making us all feel like family. From the warmth of their voices to the message itself, you can’t help but feel as if you have known the Turnleys since your own childhood.

We would encourage area families to make their way to Hanville-Corners Road between now and December 31st to experience the magic for themselves. You can also visit their Facebook page for more info.