The Ohio State Buckeyes (8) defeated Wisconsin (4) Saturday night, giving coach Urban Meyer’s crew an 11-2 record for the season and assuring them a spot in the College Football Playoffs.

Not so fast, say Bama fans.

The CFP committee has never faced as tough a decision as they will tomorrow when the group decides which college football program will round out the top four in this year’s playoffs. Clemson, Georgia and Oklahoma are pretty much guaranteed to be the first three teams named to the CFP. But the coveted fourth slot is anybody’s guess.

While Ohio State finished 11-2 and Alabama 11-1, the Buckeyes’ win over 4th ranked Wisconsin should certainly count for something. But the decisive factor in this decision may not come down to football at all. Rather, it may be a question of geography. It just makes good business sense for the committee to avoid an all-out SEC monopoly. Not to mention that OSU won a conference title and Bama didn’t.

Either way, no one should envy the CFP committee come tomorrow afternoon. This may well be the toughest decision the group has had to mage since the creation of the CFP in 2012. I guess all we can do is savor Saturday’s win, keep our fingers crossed, and say a little prayer before we go to bed tonight. Just make sure that prayer ends in “O-H” and “Amen”.