At first glance, the Lords of Armagedon Motorcycle Club doesn’t seem like your average charitable organization. The beards, tattoos and leather jackets tell you right away that this isn’t the local Kiwanis club. But if you spend even five minutes with one of their members, you’ll understand why that’s important to their mission.

The group, initially founded sixteen years ago in Cleveland, now has chapters throughout Ohio and even stretches into Indiana. And the two underlying themes for every chapter are simple: a love of motorcycles and an even deeper love for family and community.

These guys aren’t in it for the recognition. They don’t host countless fundraisers and community events across the state for fame or accolades, which is evident in the fact that they don’t even publish their real names. That’s not important, according to Hammer, founder of the Norwalk chapter, who recently stopped by the Maple City Minute to discuss the club, the state of things here in Norwalk, and the group’s upcoming coat and food drive on December 10.

“We just want ways that we can give back to the community and help out as much as we can” he said. “Life definitely has its ups and downs, but having people who can support you through the tough times goes a long way.”

That philosophy didn’t come to the man the day he started the local chapter though. He credits his father for embedding it in him and his siblings from an early age; though he’s also quick to credit the brotherhood that he and other members have for each other (and their families) with giving him an outlet “to give back now”.

Hammer says he was approached by other chapter leaders more than six months ago, who encouraged him to bring a Lords of Armagedon chapter to Norwalk. He saw it as a great way to “give back” locally. Hammer’s wife, who goes by the moniker of Baby Doll, explained that “Norwalk has become a really tight-knit community over the past few years” adding “That faded for awhile, but lately it’s come back. And we wanted to be a part of that”.

The club is seeing that mission through on December 10 with a coat and food drive, being held at the Norwalk Walmart store from 9 am until 3 pm. Donations of gently used coats and non-perishable food items will be collected and distributed to area families in need.

For more information on the Lords of Armagedon or their upcoming coat and food drive event, visit the Maple City’s Facebook page; or drop us a private message and we’ll be glad to put you in touch with the club itself.