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The Wait for VIII Is Nearly Over

Forty years after the original movie’s release, the force is still strong with the Star Wars franchise- as episode VIII (The Last Jedi) will finally make its way to theaters on December 15. Industry insiders expect the film to gross more than $200 million in its first few days, which would put The Last Jedi in elite company; joining The Force Awakens, Jurassic World and the Avengers, as the only movies to ever hit that mark opening weekend. Meanwhile, box stores like Target and Walmart have already seen huge profits from movie merchandise, racking in $618 million in sales...

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Cavs Tie Franchise Win Streak Record

LeBron James finished one assist shy of a triple double. Kevin Love contributed 18 points and 13 rebounds. And the Cleveland Cavaliers tied a franchise-record 13 game win streak on Wednesday night, with a 101-95 victory over the Sacramento Kings. James was the game’s leading scorer with 32 points, shooting nearly 70% from the field. The Eastern Conference player of the month seemed to be everywhere, adding 3 steals and 2 blocks to an impressive stats sheet. The Cavaliers will face a struggling Indiana Pacers team this Friday, as they attempt to set the club’s all time record for...

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Council Bets $150K That Tech Won’t Change

In 2015, the City of Norwalk began leasing government-owned land to a private cellular company for the construction of a cell tower. That agreement basically said that the city would receive rent annually through 2055, or until the property no longer hosts the tower; whichever comes first. Under the lease terms, Norwalk can expect to generate a total of $150,000 in revenue by the year 2030… if cell towers still exist by then. Last night, Norwalk City Council considered a piece of legislation that would have sold this lease to a third-party company for one lump payment of  $150,000....

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